Breast Cancer among Hispanic Women in United States

Breast Cancer among Hispanic Women in United States

Breast Cancer among Hispanic Women in United States

Investigate a specific health disparity. As stated from the National Cancer Institute, “Health disparities refer to how frequently a disease affects a group, how many people get sick, or how often the disease causes death.” Another definition from the NIH Working Group on Health Disparities states the following: “…the difference in the incidence (number of new cases) and the prevalence (total number of cases), mortality (death rate), and burden of disease and other adverse health conditions that exist among specific groups in the United States.” Many different populations are affected by disparities.



When investigating this specific health disparity, answer the following questions:

Why is it important to understand this health disparity? Provide a strong case for this research paper. Why is this health disparity a significant consideration? Once you have made a case and found research and data to support the health disparity, look for solutions. Answer the following question:

What are some current solutions to minimizing this health disparity? To answer this question, look for a specific program, community service, non-profit or government agency, specific grant or private funding, etc. that is working to eliminate this specific health disparity.

Finally, you will summarize by re-stating the issue, possible solutions, and future considerations.

Ideally, the health disparity you choose to investigate will be linked with your service learning experience. Investigating an alternate health disparity, unrelated to your Service Learning experience is also acceptable.

Include scientific resources to explain why this is an important issue to understand. In your references, provide a minimum of 3 different sources. Please use sources that are scientifically sound (peer reviewed journal articles, recent books, expert interviews, agency publications).  Sources should not be more than 10 years old, unless a historical reference is required.