BIO 315 Week 5 Concept Brochure Recent

BIO 315 Week 5 Concept Brochure Recent

BIO 315 Week 5 Concept Brochure Recent

Resource: Tri-Fold Pamphlet Guide
Choose one objective from the class, and create a brochure demonstrating the concepts in this objective.
Imagine you are creating a brochure for a future BIO/315 student to explain one topic that will be covered in the class.
Include the following:

·         Clearly state your chosen objective.
·         Identify three concepts needed to master this objective.
·         Summarize each concept with words, pictures or both.
Include photographs, as appropriate.
Include at least two sources in addition to your text.


Resource: The San Francisco Estuary Project website

Read the Introduction to the San Francisco Estuary Project Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan found on the San Francisco Estuary Project’s (SFEP) website at

·Select the Publications link on the left-hand side of the site.

·Select the Complete CCMP link under the heading Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) revised 2007.

Choose one of the following topics to examine more closely.

·Wetlands Management ·Water Use ·Pollution Prevention and Reduction ·Dredging and Waterway Modification ·Land Use Management

Write a 1,200- to 1,400-word paper on the restoration of the San Francisco Estuary in terms of one of the above aspects. Discuss the abiotic and biotic characteristics of the San Francisco Estuary. Answer the following questions:

·How has population growth in the San Francisco Bay area affected the estuary?

·How has the habitat fracture in the San Francisco Estuary been increased by human behavior?

·How is conservation being used to promote and maintain the biodiversity of plants and animals in the San Francisco Estuary?

·Assess the progress made in conserving the biodiversity of the San Francisco Estuary.

Case Study Review and Discussion

Complete the following:

Read the field study in Ch. 20 of Elements of Ecology and discuss the questions at the end.

Discuss any concept that a team member is having a difficult time understanding.

Examine the importance and applicability of this week’s concepts to each team member and to society in general.

Post your team’s solutions from this exercise as a 150- to 200-word summary via the Assignments link. Briefly describe how this activity applied to the weekly concepts