BIO 204 Week 1 Plant Cell Organelles and Their Functions

BIO 204 Week 1 Plant Cell Organelles and Their Functions

BIO 204 Week 1 Plant Cell Organelles and Their Functions

What is the interdependent relationship between mitochondria and other organelles?

What are similarities and differences between the Golgi apparatus and the large central vacuole?

What is the function of chloroplast? Include functions of stroma and grana.

Explain the function of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum and rough endoplasmic reticulum. How are their functions similar to the nucleus’? How are they different?

Provide three unique chemical or physical properties of water. How are these properties useful to water movement in plant cells?

Discuss similarities and differences between bulk flow and diffusion. What are driving forces behind each process?

Describe Fick’s law. How might this law be applied to osmosis? Explain how osmosis is a special case of diffusion.

What role does solute concentration play in osmosis? How does water’s chemical potential influence osmosis? What role do water properties play in diffusion?

Distinguish between osmotic pressure and potential. What organelle is related to osmotic potential?

What role do aquaporins play in cell membrane permeability? What controls the gating of aquaporins?


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BIO 204 Week2 Process of Photosynthesis
Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper (in APA style – see APA sample paper), including the equations requested below, describing the important steps of photosynthesis.
Provide the equation for photosynthesis. Explain where each reactant comes from and how the plant gets it. Then, explain the importance of each product for life on earth.
What is an absorption spectra? Explain why a green leaf looks green. Is it the same reason a red leaf looks red? Explain your answer.
What is the main energy-carrying molecule in the process of photosynthesis? How does it carry energy? Where does it carry energy?
Provide the reactants and products of the light reactions. Describe how the light reactions work. Use a diagram or picture (MUST BE CITED – APA format).
Provide the reactants and products of the Calvin cycle. Describe the three phases of these reactions. Use a diagram or picture (MUST BE CITED – APA format).
Provide the equation for photosynthesis again. For each reactant, explain how it is used within the light reactions or Calvin cycle. For each product, describe how it is generated by either the light reactions or by the Calvin cycle.
You should have a minimum of 3 references for this assignment.
Direct Quotes are limited to 2 small quotes (less than 40 words).
Include all references and in-text citations – all should be formatted in APA style. Include an in-text citation for each paragraph (i.e. all paraphrased information must be cited, not just direct quotes), and include a references section. Assignments with either of these missing will be considered plagiarism and will not be graded.