Assignment: Balanced Scorecard

Assignment: Balanced Scorecard

Assignment: Balanced Scorecard

Over the years many healthcare organization has been facing a significant issue regarding the alignment of business activities to much the organization vision and strategy. Therefore, many healthcare facilities have been undergoing delays and shakeups regarding its business activities. Therefore, in this paper, I will examine and discuss the creation of a balanced, scorecard that could be used in measuring and evaluating the impact of planned change which is to solve the nursing staff issue.


Balanced score cards are used to highlight any critical areas of an organization and should demonstrate the organization’s objectives and strategic plan (Fields & Cohen, 2011). The purpose is to ensure a balance of all the areas is achieved (Fields & Cohen, 2011). Balanced scorecards can assist leaders in implementing change in that they provide a platform for data that staff can understand (Groene, Brandt, Schmidt & Moeller, 2009). Many organizations should apply this method, especially the nursing sector. Many nursing jobs such as quality of the patients and the cost of treatment should be relatively small in order to enhance the right of patients to medical checkup. Therefore, the nursing job should be profitable to the staff members, (Boscia & McAfee, 2014).


In conclusion, the cost of the planned change of performance is profitable to the patients, physicians, and the nursing staff at large. Through the balanced scorecard, it enables easy access and management of systems. The use of the balanced scorecard would ensure that all of the areas are evaluated to measure success. Success would include an increase in patient satisfaction, an improvement in nurse staffing and care of the nurses is improved.















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