Arkansas State University Health Care Ethics and Decision Making Case Study

Arkansas State University Health Care Ethics and Decision Making Case Study

Arkansas State University Health Care Ethics and Decision Making Case Study


1- Must be More than 400 words. APA Style.

2- Minimum 2 references.

3- Please remember that you should specifically respond to the questions. “In the case study”

“”””In your discussion of the case please use the following outline””””


1-Description of Case

2-Relevant Stakeholders and Values

3-Role of Administrator

4-Final Decision-Making Authority

5-Conclusion/Final Decision

6-Ethical Principles Illustrated

7-Summary of Learning




Filerman, G. L., Mills, A. E., and Schyve, P. M. (2014). Managerial ethics in healthcare: A new perspective.

Case Study

A nurse with an excellent reputation maintained her clinical com-petence by reading not only nursing journals but also any publica-tions related to her primary area of nursing. After being hired by a large  hospital  three  years  ago,  she  received  frequent  promotions to  become  head  nurse  for  the  obstetrics  (OB)  ward.  One  of  the floor nurses came to her recently and asked to talk privately. This nurse  told  the  head  nurse  that  one  of  the  prominent  OB  doctors was noted to “smell of alcohol” at three recent deliveries and asked what she should do. She stated that she did not want any trouble but  was  concerned  about  the  issue,  even  though  there  had  been no  discernible  difficulties  related  to  patient  care. The  head  nurse thanked the floor nurse for the information and told her she would take care of the matter. That evening the physician in question was making  rounds  and  the  head  nurse  asked  to  speak  to  him.  The nurse told him of the rumor of his drinking, which caused him to become angry and demand to know who had started the rumor. The head nurse refused to name the source of her information and told the  physician  that  she  had  to  report  this  incident  to  the  hospital administration. The physician informed her that he was a member of the hospital’s board of directors, and he would see to it that the head nurse was fired if this rumor resulted in any further fallout. He also expected that the person who reported him would be punished in some manner. He then left. How should this issue be resolved?